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The Biden/Harris Border Mess

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The Biden/Harris administration, through words and deed, wasted no time in opening up the floodgates to swamp our nation with illegal immigrants. On cue, Democrats are endlessly virtue-signaling about the fate of those who seek to cross our borders. 

Do not fall for the ploy. Consider these questions: Why do many on the Left raise alarms about unvaccinated children attending our nation’s schools, but are at ease with having unvaccinated immigrants illegally entering the United States?

Why do those on the Left display outrage at every turn over the potential for foreign interference in our elections but are comfortable allowing non-citizens among us to vote in our elections?

Arriving in Style

Did you ever wonder, wow do thousands of migrants, who travel hundreds or thousands of miles along treacherous roads to reach our borders, appear to be well fed, fully hydrated, in excellent spirits, and ready to climb walls? How, exactly, is all of this possible?

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

From where does the support come? Many of these same migrants, who apparently have abandoned what is otherwise considered to be impoverished situations, arrive with expensive smart phones, walking boots, backpacks, and a variety of other gear and accoutrements that represent a visible contradiction to their reasons for departing at all. Who is paying for the trek? 

Politicians on the Left, movie stars, and legions of other virtue-signalers rant about what a terrible place the United States is. When a Republican is president, they promise to leave the country, but they never do. Concurrently, each and every day, massive waves of people attempt to enter this awful country.

Biden’s Cages, Obama’s Cages

Why do so many pictures of children in chain-linked compartments, which the media refer to as cages, who sleep on cushions atop a concrete floor, stem from the Obama Administration, when Jeh Johnston was the Secretary in charge, but were attributed to the Trump Administration? Why weren’t the pictures more recent than 2014?

Perhaps the children, who came from terrible conditions, are happy to be sleeping in an air-conditioned building, with adequate food, water, bathrooms, and medical attention. With  their ability to watch cartoons and play games with one another, do you suppose that their plight is disastrous? Even at a young age, these children sense that they are in a country that is special.

All the screams about migrant conditions were conveniently ignored from 2009 to 2016 when conditions were worse, the policies were more stringent, more people died during the trek, and more families were separated. Did the ‘woke’ crowd care then? Did the protesters and rioters care then? If not, why not? 

Separation is Separation

Currently, the conditions are abysmal, with some detention centers at 700% over capacity. Does the mainstream press care? Do the wokesters? Not in the least. With Dems in office, it’s “nothing to see here, folks.” 

President Clinton signed into law the now-controversial policy to separate children from their parents or accompanying adults, and Barack Obama vigorously enforced that law. 

Lake Lanier Trends on Twitter After 'Haunted' Spot Claims Another Victim

As a result of the policies of his predecessors, Donald Trump inherited a bad situation and made dramatic, positive steps, to find a solution to this decades-long problem. Biden’s bumbling has re-introduced every issue that Trump had resolved.

Did the mainstream media inform you of that? Or, are you happy to dwell in the mainstream media bubble, where news is manufactured, slanted, and contorted every day to fit an agenda?

The Ever-present Agenda

There is only one reason why the Left feigns concern for illegals: 80% or more of the immigrants to this country, if they become part of the voting process, initially vote Democrat. If 80% or more initially voted Republican, the Democrats’ concerns for immigrants would stop on a dime.

Democrats know that unless they engage in major recruitment to re-supply their diminishing ranks, they might no longer win presidential elections. They are desperate to import new voters, indoctrinate the young, scare the old, and even impoverish the middle class. 

Their aim is to drum up enough fear about the opposition to induce people to vote for their disastrous policies and their socialist politicians.

The Hell with You

As huge numbers of African-Americans and Hispanics began to favor Donald Trump, the mainstream media (the promotional arm of the Democrat Party) conjured up more stories about prejudice, racism, and xenophobia all attributed to their opponents.

Without hesitation, Democrats drive wedges between young and old, rich and poor, black and white, and indeed promulgate any demographic rift that they can to preserve voters.

When Democrats cannot keep their hoaxes at the forefront, they turn to another and another. During Trump’s reign, their first hoax regarding illegal immigrant invasions was that there was no crisis at the border. Switching gears, the Democrats then gave up that hoax for the next one: ‘People were being mistreated,’ then, ‘Children were sleeping in cages,’ then, ‘People are dying at the hands of detention center administrators.’ On and on it goes.

The relentless drumbeat of the media and their big lies can be compelling. Don’t fall for Biden’s immigration lies and hoaxes.

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