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The Biggest, Most Conspicuous Hole in Christine Ford’s Story



If you ask the Democrats and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself), Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story is so emotional and troubling, it simply must be true.

And if you question it you’re clearly a sexist misogynist who hates women and perpetuates rape culture.

There is no in between.

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The in between, of course, in a sensible world, would be to carefully assess Ford’s testimony as to whether or not it is credible in a court of law.

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Of course, the prosecutor Republicans hired to question Ford says it’s not, and prosecuting men credibly accused of sexually assaulting women is her specialty.

In the lengthy memo written by this prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, she detailed exactly why Ford’s testimony was lacking in any substantial evidence against Brett Kavanaugh.

She discussed extensively how unreliable Ford’s memory was, not only of the incident allegedly involving Kavanaugh, but even of key details such as whether or not she gave her therapist’s notes to the Washington Post.

Matt Walsh over at the Daily Wire explains that of all the key details Ford simply cannot remember, such as where the alleged assault took place, when, and exactly who was there, one conspicious hole stands out: how she got home. Ford claims she does not remember.

Walsh isn’t buying it:

As Mitchell points out in her memo, Ford claims to not remember how she got home from the party after the alleged assault occurred. This detail is crucial because the house, she says, was near a country club and the country club was about a 20-minute drive from her home. That means someone must have picked her up and drove her home right after the incident. The testimony of such a person would be indispensable because they could describe Ford’s physical and emotional state at the time.

According to her allegation, she was a 15-year-old girl who had just been violently assaulted and, in her mind, almost killed. She fled the house fearing for her life. Then she got into someone’s car. That person would surely have noticed that Ford was in distress. The main reason why Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation against Bill Clinton is so believable and credible is that Broaddrick was found by her friends minutes after Clinton allegedly raped her. Those friends corroborated the account, confirming that they did indeed find Broaddrick “crying and in a state of shock” on the night in question.

Is it at all believable that a 15-year-old girl could pull herself together and present herself as totally fine mere moments after running out of a house to escape two drunken rapists? No, it’s not. We must logically conclude that someone witnessed Ford in a similar state of shock, or that nobody did because the incident never occurred.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Ford is lying, it is certainly suspicious beyond the point of reasonable doubt. As Walsh goes on to explain, it’s incredibly that Ford would remember key details like how the house was furnished and how many beers she consumed, as well as hiding in the bathroom and hearing the boys talking and laughing, but doesn’t remember calling someone for help.

And while she may have this memory lapse, if she was driven home, there is someone else who would remember picking her up and taking her home, as she would have surely been distressed. Have they also conveniently forgotten as well?

There are far too many holes in Ford’s story to add up. This can’t be stated enough.


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