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The Disgusting, Sexually-Charged Way This Netflix Show Mocks Christianity Will Make You Sick



The left loves nothing more than to mock Christians in the most perverted way possible.

You see, in their eyes, Christians are nothing more than a bunch of square stick-in-the-muds who just don’t know how to have fun.

What they don’t realize, of course, is that Christian faith is about much, much more than simply being stuck up.

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They also don’t realize that you can’t mock God, rather, when you joke and laugh about Him your whole life, that will come back to you in the end (Gal 6:7).

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Netflix, a company seemingly dedicated to producing as much blatantly progressive content as they can, recently featured a segment on the show “Insatiable” in which a group of young women dances suggestively to a song full of sexual innuendo about Jesus.

The Daily Wire reports:

The episode focused on an event called the “Miss Magic Jesus Pageant” that showed teen girls singing a “worship” song with disgusting lyrics that ask the Holy Spirit to “please ride me…deep, deep, deep in my Hooool…ly Father.”

Wearing white choir robes, the girls dance in gyrations meant to elicit sexual innuendo as they sing about Jesus and the Holy Spirit having sexual intercourse with them. Here are just some of the lyrics provided by MRC:

Chorus: We’ll journey together, your hand on my heart. Whatever the weather, a love so strong. So long. So hard. O, Jesus, You fill me in every single way. Sweet, sweet Jesus inside me, I got You deep in my soul. Deep, deep, deep in my soul. Yeah! Oh, Spirit, please ride me. Please, please, please, please ride me. Deep, deep, deep in my soul.

Dee: Time to break it down, y’all. Stone cold chillin’, JC, JC, just You and me. Chill, chill, chillin’, You see, by the Sea of Galilee. I got a notion that this motion by the ocean is the potion I need. I think You get the gist. You the top of my list. State of bliss. Eucharist. Swear to God I need a fix. State of bliss. Crucifix. Thank You, Jesus, that’s my mix.

Dixie: And now for the second coming!

Chorus: Sweet, sweet Jesus inside me, I got You deep in my soul. Deep, deep, deep in my soul. Yeah! Oh, Spirit, please ride me. Please, please, please, please ride me. Deep, deep, deep in my Hoooool…ly Father. I think I love You.

The vulgarity of this episode doesn’t end there, apparently, as The Daily Wire notes:

On top of that grotesque mockery of Christianity, the show also features a scene in which the main character receives oral sex from her boyfriend on top of a Noah’s Ark playground structure in the parking lot of a church, but only after getting baptized into the light of Christ.

I think what is particularly sad about mocking Christians in this disgusting way is that, once you know Jesus, this kind of foolishness just looks…well, foolish.

They’re laughing about and celebrating the kind of behavior that Christians have been washed clean from. We’re not just a bunch of naive idiots who need to get out more, we’re sinful people, many of whom would have laughed at this before being born again.

They might think we’ll get angry, and we will; its hard to see our Lord mocked in such a vulgar way. But it’s also sad. They don’t know what they’re doing…or that they’ll have to answer for it to the Big Guy Himself one day.

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