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The Epic Twitter Thread that Reminds You Just How Bad Government Fails... at EVERY. THING.

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With all the talk of Joe Biden passing a new policy to allow the IRS to track every penny of your bank account at all times in the news, a Twitter user took to his account to remind each and every one of us just how bad the government is at everything it tries to do. Every. Single. Thing.

A user going by the handle “Dr Strangetweet” posted his epic take down of government failures on Thursday, starting with this tweet:

Here is the who thread in straight text so you don’t have to contend with Twitter’s graphics:

  • You probably think the IRS monitoring any account over $600 is about tax cheats.
  • We are not the same. But I do have to ask…
  • How can you look at all of this *waves hand at the state of the country* and still trust government?
  • This isn’t a Republican v Democrat thing. It’s not even Right vs Left.
  • It’s “look with your own eyes at how bad government is at EVERYTHING”. The one thing the government used to be good at is war.
  • After Afghanistan, it sucks at that too. I get if you’re scared about COVID. Fine.
  • Buuuut why on God’s green earth are you outsourcing your trust to the people who lie to your face every day?
  • You want to trust the experts? Okay. But look at the experts.
  • When every recommendation is “more government control, less personal freedom”, at some point you gotta realize the game is rigged.
  • It’s not a coincidence that the best “health” policies are “the government needs to monitor your every movement.”
  • Come on, man. Think!
  • I know I know. When Trump didn’t want to be investigated, the rally cry was “if you didn’t do anything wrong, why not welcome the investigation?”
  • ‘ll tell you why:
  • The government will make shit up to put you away if they think it will benefit them. The FBI was in on Jan 6. It’s a fact at this point.
  • The FBI set up Randy Weaver.
  • Cops drop guns and drugs on scenes to justify shootings. DAs hide or fabricate evidence.
  • Judges like being known for being tough on crime.
  • Look up “civil forfeiture” and tell me the US government won’t just zoink money from your account because they’re not sure why you have so much.
  • Do you really think you stand a chance in court against the feds trying to get your money back?
  • LOL I have a beachside condo in Phoenix I’ll sell you cheap.
  • Hey, remember when the IRS targeted groups in 2012 then destroyed phones and computers to cover up the evidence?
  • You really think they won’t target you? This isn’t Right or Left.
  • This is 4th Amendment. This is being secure in your persons against warrantless searches.
    The IRS should have to get a warrant to access your bank account.
  • This will enable them to just do it.
  • Anyway…
  • Stop thinking the government loves you. You’re nothing more than kibble for its insatiable appetite for power.
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Exactly right, folks. Government does nothing at all well. Ever. Don’t ever forget it.

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