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The Inspiring Way GM Workers Responded in Faith to Massive Layoffs

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You’ve no doubt caught wind of the news that GM announced massive layoffs last week, but the way many workers responded is getting far less attention.

Hundreds of workers from the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio gathered together outside in the wake of this devastating news to offer the best solution any believer could every apply to such a difficult time.

They joined together in a mass corporate prayer for the future of these laid-off workers.

“Everyone just wants to keep working right now and get through this,” employee Norman Perry, told WOIO-TV. “Christmas is coming, they want to enjoy Christmas.”

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“This is a time where we should be lifted up. We’re just trying to lift spirits and that what all this [the vigil] is all about,” he explained.

For obvious reasons, most of the news coverage over plant closures has been about the economics and politics involved, but let’s remember that there are real people affected by this who are facing the holidays wondering what they’ll do next.

It’s so beautiful to see such a heartfelt outpouring of faith and so many of these men and women lifting their petition up to the heavens.

Let’s keep these hard-working Americans in prayer this holiday season!


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