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The Internal Destroyer: Barack Obama

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Joe Biden is an easy target: With his declining mental capabilities, ill-conceived policies, blundering administration, incompetent vice president, and corrupt son, brother, and family, who can’t take a strong swipe at him?

By all indications, Biden is a puppet of communist China, of the treasonous Left, of democracy destroyer George Soros, and, most of all, of Barack Obama. Without Obama’s Marxism and outright Communism, the current version of Joe Biden, the stooge for the ages, would not exist.

The Ultimate Sleeper Cell

Sworn in as president of the United States 14 years ago, Obama served as the ultimate sleeper cell. His raison d’etre was to rise to the top of political power in America and, by default, the world, and take the country “down a couple notches” so that we would be merely another nation among the 200+ nations on Earth.

Joe Biden is perpetually being led and on many days doesn’t know what he’s doing. However, one cannot make that argument about Obama. Obama steered the ship of state based on his own whims and aspirations. His evil heart, never understood or even perceived by rank and file Democrats, plagues us enormously to this day.

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

Obama represents the pronounced threat that the Founding Fathers feared most: the enemy from within. To illustrate how treasonous and despicable his two terms in office proved to be, here is my poem from 2015. It was crafted to capture the “highlights” and nuances of Barack Obama’s eight years as president:


The Sleeper Cell

by Jeff Davidson

From the IRS to the NSA,
Lindh, Bergdahl, and the EPA,
Benghazi, Solyndra and then the VA,
the damage is not spurious:
consider Fast and Furious.

Fomenting the crisis known as ISIS,
Barack Obama is a walking scandal,
to whom no else holds a candle.
Seemingly, perpetually, in the dark,
then that sheepish, too-late remark.

Perpetually snooping into the lives of others,
Obama’s records are sealed from sisters and brothers.
Tapping federal agencies to bully his foes,
how he differs from autocrats,
God only knows.

If Obama had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,
already a career criminal,
who was barely started shaving.
The fate of Mike Brown is another case,
where Obama issued verdicts solely on race.

Blacks punching innocents
in the knockout game,
to Eric Holder, it all seems so tame.
Releasing criminals into the populace,
coming soon to your metropolis.

Migrants Take Over San Diego Airport, Set Up Camp: 'There's So Many People'

The U.S. Constitution,
as ignored by Holder,
only makes Obama that much bolder.
Obama distorts and consistently lies,
and then big media readily complies.

Rigging elections: how he’s made his mark,
between Obama and a decent man,
the difference is stark.

Contorting Democracy at every turn,
the separation of power he’s overturned.

White House female staffers
treated as in the House of Saud,
over the Danish prime minister,
he has publicly pawed,
while vigorously supporting ACORN voter fraud.

His “foreign policy” completely in shambles,
thus each day, John Kerry must scramble.
With Hillary at State,
we lost ground in the world.
When it comes to smarts, she’s not the girl.

Aloof and withdrawn, is Obama’s style,
the wrong type of leadership,
laced with guile.
He turns it ‘on’ when the cameras are rolling,
otherwise you’ll find him snorting or rolling.

“If you like your health plan”…not his biggest lie:
snubbing the Oath of Office,
wins by a mile.
Like battered spouses, his supporters cling,
to a promised future, all based on bling.

While Rice and Lerner-types take the fall,
he continues to fib, with unflinching gall.
ACA’s a disaster for all to see.
His non-stop spin machine
should never fool thee.

Obama’s “data” is always suspect,
but “high truth” for those without any intellect.
As he fudges each number,
the sheep-like masses…
Are blissful in slumber.

If a reporter should push,
Obama blames Bush.
When the blaming begins,
the press will cave in,
and Obama gains another easy win.

Painfully, true journalism now is dead!
Thus, by incompetence we are “led.”
PC continues to run a-muck.
With Obama as president,
we’re plain out of luck.

His socialists leanings are clear to see.
He slaughters capitalism by decree.
Many black leaders could do well as president.
Obama cannot,
and it’s painfully evident.

He is a virus infecting the host,
as he spreads through the organism,
we’re all left as toast.
When it comes to his tenure there is no precedent:
an internal destroyer as U.S. president.

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About the Author:
Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Dial it Down, and Everyday Project Management. Visit for more information.