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The Magnolia State Becomes 37th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

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When we take a step back and look at the big picture surrounding marijuana laws, it has become rather obvious that Americans have missed the mark for decades.

The criminalization of marijuana no longer appears necessary in this nation, and that reality is hitting home on both sides of the aisle.  There are just too many profound and powerful advantages to allowing cannabis into the mainstream, particularly in the fields of health and medicine, for our politicians to vilify it any longer.

The latest state to do an about-face on the plant is a surprising one.

Mississippi is legalizing medical marijuana for people with debilitating conditions such as cancer, AIDS and sickle cell disease.

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves signed the legislation Wednesday and it became law immediately. It could be months before the first marijuana dispensaries open.

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“There is no doubt that there are individuals in our state who could do significantly better if they had access to medically prescribed doses of cannabis,” Reeves wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. “There are also those who really want a recreational marijuana program that could lead to more people smoking and less people working, with all the societal and family ills that that brings.”

And where marijuana reform used to be squarely in the liberal Democrats’ wheelhouse, we are now seeing a vast number of Republicans and Libertarians jumping on board.

A majority of Mississippi voters approved a medical marijuana initiative in November 2020, and it would have allowed people to buy up to 5 ounces a month. The state Supreme Court invalidated it six months later by ruling that the state’s initiative process was outdated and the measure was not put properly on the ballot.

The state House and Senate, both controlled by Republicans, passed the final version of Senate Bill 2095 last week.

Mississippi is now the 37th state to offer some form of legal medical marijuana.  There are 18 states in the US that allow for recreational use of the drug.

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