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The Manchin Chronicles - Your Favorite Holiday TV Show | Schaftlein Report

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The Manchin Chronicles – Your Favorite Holiday TV Show | Schaftlein Report
Guest Host: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
Guest: Ed Morrissey – Senior Editor for Hot Air ( )
1) Has Harris Flopped as A VP? The liberal NY Times says she flopped – She probably didn’t read it because she was busy fixing the border crisis…Nah!
2) The Supreme Court fast-tracked vaccine mandate suit – Does that mean they will agree with mandates for public companies, or will they strike them down? When will they issue a decision—will they wait for June as they do for most rulings?
3) UH Oh-More Bad Inflation News – Per he the Bureau of Economic Analysis US inflation rose 5.7% in the 12 months ended in November-Highest in almost 40 years. Will it continue, grow? – How will it affect the mid-terms in 11 months?
4) Biden-Manchin, Who Misled Who
*Biden said Manchin said he misled Biden – It wasn’t true and the White House walked it almost immediately – Will Manchin switch parties?
5) Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – Everyone Talks about their favorite Christmas songs or favorite Christmas movies, we discuss our favorite Christmas episodes of TV Shows

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