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The Most Sadly Hilarious Hunter Biden Email Yet - I'm the Best Man Anyone Could Ever Dream of, Now Get an HIV Test

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Hunter Biden sent a panic-laden email to his brother’s widow demanding that she get an HIV test during the same summer in which a child he fathered by someone else was born.

The email was obtained by Fox News, and comes from July 2018.

At the time, his affair with Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother, Beau, was coming unglued.

Meanwhile, Lunden Roberts was about to give birth in August 2018 to a child fathered by Hunter Biden, according to the New York Post. Hunter Biden had to be taken to court to acknowledge the child and lay out a plan for supporting the child.

Hunter Biden was divorced from his first wife, Kathleen, after 24 years of marriage. He began romancing the widow of his brother, Beau, while also in the midst of a fling with Hallie Biden’s older sister Elizabeth Secundy, according to texts recovered from a laptop computer that formerly belonged to Hunter Biden, according to the Daily Mail.

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The July 2018 message to Hallie Biden had the screaming subject line: “YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV HALLIE.”

“You need to inform me of the result. TODAY,” Hunter Biden wrote in the email.

“I am getting tested today. I have been sick scared Hallie and you [hang] up on me. The love you give is so disturbing,” he wrote.

The disjointed email continued by saying, “I love you [Hallie] even when you’re cruel. GET TESTED AND TELL ME RESULTS Today.”

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The email came amid a series of contentious communications in which Hallie Biden called Hunter Biden a “passive aggressive a******” and he shot back by telling her to “focus on your sobriety.”

Along the way, he offered this bit of advice: “And don’t feel as if you lost the two best men you or anyone could have ever even dreamed of.”

Although at one point he wrote “I will always be there” for his brother’s children, as time passed, so did the allure of his brother’s widow. Fox quoted a December 2018 email from Hunter Biden to Hallie Biden in which he called her a “clueless, middle-aged, over botoxed flat a** loser.”

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Hunter Biden’s flings have made a splash, but so have his business dealings, which have created so much concern that Republicans have said that if they regain control of Congress, they may investigate the president’s son.

“Hunter Biden’s fair game because I believe Hunter Biden is a national security risk,” Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky said, according to ABC. “Hopefully, when I get the gavel, we’ll take it a step further.”

A new report said that despite claims from President Joe Biden that he was in utter ignorance of his son’s business dealings, White House visitor logs confirm that a business partner of Hunter Biden met with him in the White House while Joe Biden was vice president in the Obama administration.

Eric Schwerin, who at the time was president of the since-dissolved Rosemont Seneca Partners – which Hunter Biden helped found — met with Joe Biden on November 17, 2010, visitor logs document, according to the New York Post.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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