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The Note These Kids Left On Their Dad’s Patrol Car Will Leave You Speechless

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America’s law enforcement officers are an incredible group of people. They know that any day on the job could be their last, yet the still come to work each day knowing that their communities depend on them.

Their families, however, demonstrate a different kind of courage.

The courage of a spouse who keeps it in the back of their mind that the next phone call they get might be “the call”, or the courage of a child who might not fully understand all the danger and evil in this world, but they understand their parent’s job is to fight it.

This incredible courage was put on display for the whole world when the children of a North Carolina sheriff left a simple note on their dad’s patrol car before his shift one day.

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“This sweet note was left on the patrol car of one of our deputies by his children,” the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post sharing the sweet note. “The loving support of our families and community sustains us each and every day!”

The next time you interact with a member of law enforcement, remember that that man or woman more likely than not has a family who prays to have them come home safely each day. More likely than not, they have children whose only hope is that their mom or dad will be safe that day.

Keep your local law enforcement, and their families, in your prayers. God’s protection and the support from their families and the communities they protect may be the only things that carry them through each day.

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