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The Truth Behind Who's Really Benefiting From Sanctuary City Laws

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This is the bold, honest truth about the potentially millions of undocumented migrants living in the US that is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.

Illegal immigrants don’t even benefit from our open-door policies.

We regularly harp on Sanctuary Cities (and now in the case of California, states) that systematically enable illegal immigrants to remain within the US. The left regularly laments the plight of illegal immigrants having to live in fear of, well, being detained and deported for the laws that they are breaking.

But rarely does anyone stop to ask if sanctuary policies even benefit the people they supposedly protect.

A new report demonstrates that illegal immigrants are, in fact, being hurt by policies that mask employers from the scrutiny of state labor laws and force ICE to detain more “non-offending” undocumented migrants than they would otherwise.

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“In California, where a flurry of sanctuary laws have been passed, you might be tempted to think that life is getting easier for illegal aliens, right?” asks Jazz Shaw of Town Hall.

“But the reality is that many of these laws have simply made it easier for unscrupulous employers to abuse their illegal workers,” he explains.

The Hill reports:

A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) on labor laws that California has enacted to protect unauthorized immigrant workers indicates that many of the aliens who have been attracted to California by its sanctuary policies are being exploited by unscrupulous employers.

According to EPI, fear of being reported to ICE gives employers extraordinary power to take advantage of unauthorized immigrant employees…

Presumably, exploited aliens think the abuse is an acceptable price to pay for protection from being deported. They don’t have to stay in California.

Shaw explains that a number of current California laws meant to prevent employers from calling or threatening to call ICE on undocumented workers really just help these employers break the law more. Oh, California…

“Some of these bills, such as AB 263, SB 666 and AB 2571 either made it illegal for employers to threaten workers by saying they would call ICE on them or made it easier for illegals to sue employers who did such things,” he says.

“These are curious laws to begin with because they ignore the fact that it’s against the law to knowingly employ an illegal alien in the first place,” he adds.

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He also says that, as Sanctuary City police departments make ICE’s job more difficult, it’s forced them to broaden their scope as far as which undocumented immigrants they detain.

“Another effect of the sanctuary laws is that the illegal aliens with no other criminal records (generally the lowest priority for ICE) are getting swept up in raids more often,” he explains. “When ICE was able to simply pick up the real criminal offenders at jails, there was little reason to go out into the community.”

“But now, the sanctuary laws are forcing immigration officials to seek out the illegal aliens wherever they might be found. This results in more of the low-priority illegals being swept up.”

Imagine that. California, the beacon of hope for the passionate adherents of the cult of political correctness, is ultimately passing laws that make them look sympathetic to minority voters, not actually doing anything to help anyone.

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