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There's Something Very Fishy Happening in The US Intelligence Community

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The term “spying” has been on trial here in America as of late, with a number of politicians and pundits adding their spin to the subject thanks to the Mueller report.

The 22-month long investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which produced the aforementioned report, has been framed as a look into Russian efforts to sway the 2016 American presidential election.  Mueller and Co. certainly unmasked a number of incidents in which Russian operatives did indeed hope to influence our democratic process – that much is undeniable.

But there is a sinister concern among these revelations, in which a shoddy judicial process has been linked to an effort to “spy” on the Trump campaign itself.  The left has said, unequivocally, that “spying” is bad, while Attorney General Bill Barr has had a much different opinion on the verbiage.

Outside of all of that, however, a new controversial “spying” scheme is on the horizon…and it’s a little fishy.

We humans often watch and wonder at wildlife. But a defence agency’s new initiative turns the tables—it aims to deploy marine animals to keep an eye on human activity.

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The agency wants to know if sea life ranging from bioluminescent plankton to goliath grouper can serve as components of underwater surveillance systems capable of detecting the enemy’s oceangoing drones, large nuclear submarinesand other underwater vehicles. The research effort is called Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors (PALS).

“The PALS program was developed to leverage the great sensitivity that organisms have in the ocean to changes in their environment,” says Lori Adornato, manager of the initiative, which is administered by the federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

And while the US may be looking into creating the first ever double-o-salmon, this isn’t the only time this year that we’ve heard about underwater spies.

A Russian-trained Beluga Whale was recently spotted off the coast of northern Europe with what appeared to be a GoPro style camera mount attached to it.



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