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These Are the House Democrats Who Blasted an NFL Team for Sticking to League's Anthem Policy

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A lot of people, on the left and the right, have chided Donald Trump for getting involved in the private sector issue as to whether or not NFL players should be penalized for kneeling for the anthem.

Now, his comments on this issue, beginning during last years’ NFL season, certainly echo those of millions of Americans and NFL fans who feel betrayed and angered by the league’s passivity towards the controversial form of protest.

This isn’t the greatest week for President Trump when it comes to his interactions with the NFL, as the withdrawal of his invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles, who did not kneel for the anthem last year, from a celebration held at the White House, didn’t exactly give the best impression.

But Trump is definitely  not the only politician voicing strong opinions on the NFL kneeling controversy, and, as usual when it comes to Trump, the Democrats are actually being pretty darn hypocritical on the issue as a group of House Democrats has gone as far as to send a letter to a favorite NFL team of theirs denouncing their adherence to the rule.

I’m sorry, last I checked, the government worked for us! The NFL does not perform at the pleasure of the great and powerful elected officials of our nation, it’s their job to go to Washington and speak for us, and it’s entirely obnoxious and inappropriate for these whiny representatives to essentially write to a team’s management simply to scold them for doing something they don’t like.

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The Blaze reports that Reps. Robin Kelly, Jan Schakowsky, Bobby Rush and Danny Davis, who are all from Chicago-area districts, have directed their complaint, in the form of a letter, to Chicago Bears owner Virginia Halas McCaskey and chairman George McCaskey that it’s “disappointing that your franchise voted to silence the players you employ, during this important national dialogue.”

“The Chicago Bears have a current roster which is 68 percent African American in a league which is 70 percent black,” the lawmakers’ letter continued. “You benefit from the support of so many fans of color who share player concerns on the issue of police brutality. One can argue that there is a time for protest, or that we should keep politics out of football, but did your ownership take into account the politics that inspired, and the social impact that would result from this new anthem policy?”

I’m sorry, isn’t the free market supposed to correct a problem like this? The NFL isn’t a government entity–like the House of Representatives–meant to speak for the will of the people, it takes the people’s money and if they don’t like what they’re doing, fans are free to spend their money elsewhere, period.

I think Democrats would rather brow-beat anyone they can until the cows come home before ever passing policies that might actually address the very issues they claim to be so concerned about.

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