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Things Look So Bleak for Dems, Ex-ESPN and FS1 Host Colin Cowherd Goes Viral with Message to Them

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Sports fans have a love/hate relationship with former ESPN talk radio host and current Fox Sports 1 hot take artist Colin Cowherd.

If he’s praising your team, he typically does so in an interesting way that you may not have thought of. If he’s criticizing your team, he typically does so with uncomfortable honesty.

This is all to say: Democrats may want to turn away from Cowherd’s latest analysis.

Cowherd, who largely ignores anything that isn’t sports on his Twitter account, took some time on Thursday to drop a tweet about the upcoming midterm elections that went certifiably viral:

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Cowherd, by virtue of his blue checkmark and 1.6 million followers, typically gets hundreds of likes on his tweets. Take this lovely video of Cowherd’s dogs frolicking in the snow:

Are you expecting a red wave?

It had 1,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon. But Cowherd’s “red wave” tweet apparently hit a chord with people, garnering over 30,000 likes.

Take another look at Cowherd’s biting analysis and you can see why the tweet went viral.

“Red wave is coming Tuesday,” Cowherd wrote. “Don’t mess [with] people’s kids. It lands differently — and they will hold a grudge. Can’t blame em. That’s my Ted Talk.”

And it might really be that simple. Take all the crime, inflation and immigration issues that you can pin on Democrats, and would any of them be nearly as horrific if they didn’t affect your children? Of course not. Concern about these issues is exacerbated tenfold if you’re a parent.

Heck, take away all the crime, inflation and immigration issues and you’re still left with drag shows, questionable vaccinations and sex scenes aimed at children. That’s more than enough for a parent to turn a critical eye toward Democrats.

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Anecdotally, at least, I can confirm Cowherd’s assertion. My wife may be the most apolitical person I know, but now that she’s a mother, a lot of these issues are of great importance to her. She didn’t magically become political. She had a child and all of a sudden, the Democratic agenda hit a lot closer to home for her.

But even if you don’t believe personal anecdotes, look no further than the data and the predictions. The reason it feels like a red wave is on the horizon is that it is.

Key midterm races in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania are shockingly trending Republican. The governor’s race in deep-blue New York is closer than it has any right to be. There are no comfortably red states in any real danger of being flipped. It’s all battlegrounds (or New York).

Not that The Western Journal is in the business of helping Democrats, but if they do experience a wipeout come Nov. 8, it might be worth re-evaluating their overall strategy. “Are my policies going to negatively affect a voter’s child? Maybe I shouldn’t!”

Until Democrats stop going after children, they may be ceding ground to Republicans for the rest of time.

If it’s so obvious that Colin Cowherd has to interrupt his sports talk to bring it up, it should be a massive red flag for Democrats.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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