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Third Grade Teacher Creates Chart to Teach Kids 'Consent.' Here's What it Says.

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A third-grade teacher from the city of Los Angeles — a liberal “educator” from the land of fruits and nuts? Now the rest of the story makes sense — had come up with a chart to help her students understand the concept of “consent.”

If this sounds far too young to be learning something like this, don’t worry. The same school probably also teaches kids it’s okay to practice homosexuality and gender confusion. Why not round out the package deal with an extra dose of insanity?

Liz Kleinrock, a third-grade teacher at Citizens of the World Charter School Silver Lake, created the chart, which she shared on her Instagram page last week.

On her Instagram page, Kleinrock’s bio reads, “M.Ed. Elementary teacher. 2018 Teaching Tolerance Awardee. Social justice advocate. Anti-bias educator,” and even includes her preferred pronoun, which is “she/her.”

In sharing the chart, Kleinrock wrote, “Everything about Kavanaugh in the news has been making me HEATED. So whenever I get frustrated about the state of our country, it inspires me to proactively teach my kids to DO BETTER. Today was all about CONSENT. We even explored the grey areas, like if someone says ‘yes’ but their tone and body language really says ‘no.’ Role playing is a great way to reinforce these skills, but they MUST be taught explicitly!”

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The chart defines the word “consent,” and goes on to illustrate the definition with what consent is and is not, and when it is appropriate to ask for consent.

According to the chart, consent is required for giving hugs, borrowing things, touching someone else, kissing, secrets, sharing, ect. Along with this definition and explanation is a series of “what if” questions designed to help understand “consent” in specific scenarios kids might find themselves in.

Well. It seems this is now the world we live in, folks. Guess this nuttiness isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Hopefully this is all just a phase our nation is going through right now, but it’s sort of up in the air.

Source: TheBlaze

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