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This 911 Dispatcher Steps In After Receiving An Adorable Call From A Little Boy

This turned out to be a more serious problem than Bundy had thought.



While police officers and other first responders deserve every single ounce of credit we give them, and so much more, for their tough, demanding jobs, there’s a member of society we often overlook: the 911 dispatcher.

Acting as the conduit between us in our emergencies and the appropriate first responder who can help us, the dispatcher often hears callers in their most terrified and distraught states and must pin down key details, often through sobs or screams.

Antonia Bundy likely knew exactly what to expect when she became a dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana, until the day she fielded an unexpected 911 call from a little boy in trouble.

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“Hi, um, can you hear me?” the boy said, sounding a little bit nervous to make the call.

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Bundy responded in a sweet voice to the child that she can hear him, so the young man sheepishly continued his call.

“Umm, I had a really bad day and I just… I don’t know,” the little guy said, dejectedly.

“You had a bad day at school?” Bundy politely probed for details to determine the boy’s emergency.

“Yeah, I just came to tell you that,” the poor little guy answered.

Upon realizing that the boy’s call was clearly not an emergency, it seems Bundy would have had two options: first, she could scold him for abusing the emergency number, or, she could simply hang up on him and move onto more urgent calls.

However, Bundy’s demeanor and tone toward the boy never once sharpened. The boy had called during a time where the dispatch office was well-staffed and not receiving many other calls, so the kind young lady proceeded with the call and lent the boy a listening ear.

“What happened at school that made you have a bad day?” Bundy asked the child, to which he replied that he had been overburdened with homework in the most dreaded subject of all: math.

Not just any math, mind you. Fractions. This turned out to be a more serious problem than Bundy had thought.

The little boy’s tone actually brightened up significantly, as if he realized that Bundy could have been much less kind than she was, and the pair proceeded to tackle a tricky math problem.

As Bundy guided him through the steps, the boy slowly began to understand the technique for adding fractions and, if you listen closely, you can hear a jolt of excitement in his voice when he solves the problem.

Bundy seemed willing to proceed with more homework help, but the boy thanked her and apologized for calling, but he “really needed help.”

Full of sweetness and class, Bundy simply said, “you’re fine! We’re always here to help.”

This young woman may have a long, challenging career ahead of her as a dispatcher, but here’s hoping she always looks back fondly on this little boy’s call and remembers that she’s doing her part to serve her community well.

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Craft Beer Customers Leave Unopened Can of Pale Ale on Bar for Fallen Soldiers

The gesture did not go unnoticed.



craft beer

There really isn’t anything more American than craft beer. Before the experiment called “prohibition”, America was home to well over 2,500 breweries, with a vast majority of these businesses being family-operated and neighborhood-focused.  The banning of alcohol in the early 20th century brought this number down to around a half dozen or so companies, nearly all of whom converted their factories to produce medicine or dairy products in order to survive. Now, thanks to the resurgence of craft beer, Americans have their choice of nearly 4,000 smaller breweries to buy their swill from. And this doesn’t include brands like Coors, Miller, or Budweiser, who have all been gobbled up by giant, foreign conglomerates, making them no longer American-owned companies. In Atlanta, Georgia, the undisputed king of craft beer is Sweetwater – a brand usually focused on recreation and leisure. As visitors experience the brewery’s newly renovated taproom over Memorial Day Weekend, something special and spontaneous happened. To that, we simply say “cheers”.

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Total Strangers Gather to Celebrate Life of Korean War Vet on Memorial Day Weekend

America has not forgotten those who sacrificed it all for our freedom.




Amid the barbecues and Budweisers, it can be difficult to temper our Memorial Day celebrations with the true reason for the remembrance. Those of us with a three day weekend are likely gassing up the boat, gathering our grill supplies, and lathering on the sunscreen in anticipation of Memorial Day – a holiday that is far too often relegated to the realm of “hey it’s summer”-style shenanigans. We mustn’t ever forget why we have the day off, however. Memorial Day is truly a day of solemn reflection on those we’ve lost in the line of American military duty – a fact that is all too often overshadowed by these celebrations. But not for the fine people of Ohio, who showed the world what compassion is all about this weekend. A public call for mourners to attend the Ohio funeral of an unaccompanied 90-year-old Korean War veteran Saturday resulted in an overwhelming response. “It being Memorial Day weekend it was the right thing to do to come up and honor his life,” Suzanne Koehne told Fox 19. She attended the funeral in Cincinnati after driving nearly 100 miles to get there from Louisville, Kentucky. The turnout was incredible. An estimated 400 strangers, like Koehne, showed up to pay final respects to Army veteran Hezekiah Perkins whose only family, a daughter, couldn’t make it because of poor health, Fox 19 and other media reported. The gesture is just another reminder of the inherent greatness of the American public, and their reverence for those who sacrificed it all for our freedoms.

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