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This Chick-fil-A Employee That Went Above and Beyond to Help Disabled Customer Will Blow Your Mind

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What is it about Chick-fil-A? Their food is fantastic, sure, but what keeps them in the headlines time after time are the acts of kindness their employees seem to commit as if it’s part of the job description.

I mean, when is the last time you heard about a fast food burger spot giving exclusive use of their dining room, along with plenty of free food, to first responders and linemen after a devastating hurricane? Or offering shelter to a woman moments away from giving birth, and then blessing her family with free food for life?

Being classy seems to be par for the course for Chick-fil-A and its smiling employees, and Ashley Guzman of the La Palmera Mall location in Texas is certainly no exception.

According to local news outlet KIII, Guzman was halfway through her shift on a day like any other. “I came in. It was a normal day at work,” the 19-year-old recalled. “It was the end of our lunch rush.”

As she was working, she noticed Arturo Ramirez, one of the restaurant’s regulars, come up to be served.

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Guzman shared with KIII that it’s not unusual for a server at Chick-Fil-A to help Ramirez, who is disabled, get around the restaurant and find a seat.

That day, however, Guzman took her service a step beyond. “…We help him around and get his food,” she said, “but that day I helped him. I got him his food and I went around and I sat with him.”

Guzman didn’t expect anything to come of the simple act of accompanying Ramirez, who almost exclusively spends his visits to Chick-Fil-A alone, but her kindness caught the eye of Jessica Gomez, who snapped a photo of the touching moment and shared it on Facebook.

“I’ve seen this man several times here by himself,” Gomez wrote in her post. “The times I’ve been here everyone just leaves him. She cut his food into pieces and went back several times to get him whatever he needed. May God bless this woman.”

Although the incredible photo of her sweet care of Ramirez has now gone Viral, Guzman says she certainly wasn’t doing it for the attention. “I was really surprised when I saw it and I didn’t know what to think at first, and I was really nervous because all these people were seeing it,” Guzman said of the Facebook post. “And you know, out of everybody, like, like why was it me?”

“It’s called an intentional act of kindness,” Chick-fil-A Operations Director Melissa Tamez said, noting that the restaurant’s staff are encouraged to find any way they can to be a blessing to their customers and their community.

“It tells us a lot about her. She has a really good heart,” Tamez continued, noting that Guzman is a shining example of the Chick-fil-A culture. “She loves to come to work every day.”

“It makes me feel good that I can have a connection with somebody and make their day a little bit better, or give them some positivity, because you don’t know what people are going through,” Guzman shared with KIII.

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Truly, Guzman’s example is a great one for any of us to follow. Be on the lookout for ways you can be a blessing to someone today!

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