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This Mom Is Searching For The Couple Who Held Her Baby On A Long Flight, Wait Til You See Why

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Being a parent and taking your children out in public on any occasion can be something of an endurance trial. From the awkward, nosy comments to the burning, judging eyes on you if a missed nap leads to a meltdown at the checkout, it’s enough to drive a mom or dad to the hermit life.

When strangers take a moment to offer a little bit of grace, however, a parent can be edified and encouraged to carry on with their mission of raising up the next generation.

Let’s take this conversation to the airport. Air travel is already an extremely stressful situation for many people on tight schedules or those who are headed to a less-than-pleasant destination, and the sights, sounds, and smells of a baby can add to the displeasure.

For Jessica Knapp, bringing her 1-year-old boy on a flight was an experience she dreaded, but couldn’t avoid.

“Yesterday we were flying home, and I was that person on the plane with a 1-year-old cranky baby,” Knapp wrote in a heartfelt Facebook post explaining the incident. “Ya know, the one you NEVER want to be seated next to? Yeah, hi there.”

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“These past 3 weeks were the most stressful time,” she continued. “I was NOT looking forward to flying with a one-year-old again, while five months pregnant, completely alone.”

What could have been a miserable flight for everyone onboard quickly became a beautiful exhibit of the power of kindness.

“But before we even took off, my son was asleep in your arms,” Knapp wrote, directing her words to a pair of complete strangers who saved the day. “A complete stranger’s arms.”

“When he crawled over me while everyone was still boarding to look out the window,” Knapp said, explaining that her son is usually not fond of strangers, “you didn’t hesitate to show him all the lights outside, you made him laugh, you made him feel so safe in your arm that he fell asleep!”

“I can’t begin to thank you for giving me that ‘break’ that moms always need but never ask for,” Knapp added, highlighting the fun discussion she had with the couple as her little one slept in their arms.

“You made the most dreaded flight become one memory that will last a lifetime,” she concluded. “I didn’t catch your last name, and I really would like to say thank you for restoring my faith in humanity just when we needed it most.”

The couple, who introduced themselves only as Kevin and Lisa from Buffalo, New York, did something incredibly powerful that day. They didn’t just entertain a wriggly toddler.

They bolstered a mom’s confidence. A confident mom raises a confident child. A confident child becomes a confident adult. A confident adult can change the world.

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Who knows, maybe Knapp’s little boy may grow up to find himself on an airplane someday, seated next to a young mom with a squirmy little kid. If he does, he’ll know just what to do.

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