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Thousands of Secret Service Agents Affected by Latest DOJ Move

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As the January 6th select committee continues their scattered and spastic investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged role in the attempted insurrection, some of the moves they’ve made have drawn serious criticism.

For instance, the committee has framed the loss of Secret Service text messages from the dates surrounding January 6th as some sort of nefarious “cover up”, meant to imbue a sense of distrust in the agency.

The Secret Service has repeatedly explained that these messages were lost during a system upgrade, however.

Now, in following this bombastic thread to some form of conclusion, the Department of Justice is now taking an action that could affect thousands of employees of the nation’s most prestigious law enforcement unit.

The Department of Justice has requested the personal cell phone numbers of more than 2,000 U.S. Secret Service employees as part of their investigation of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, Fox News has learned.

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The DOJ’s request is not limited to those who were in the vicinity of the protests, as it includes employees who were neither at the Ellipse where then-President Donald Trump held a rally nor on the street.

It’s doubtful that the service will avoid compliance.

Given that both the Justice Department and Secret Service are federal agencies, the Secret Service will likely have to comply with the request. If they do not, the DOJ could formally demand the phone numbers via a grand jury subpoena.

The move was certainly an invasive one.

It had previously been reported that the House Jan. 6 committee had asked for the personal phone numbers as well, and that the Secret Service complied. Larry Cosme, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Association (FLEOA), blasted the Secret Service for going along with this.

Cosme said that because the Secret Service did not have policies or protocols for retaining the employees’ electronic communications, they released their private numbers instead.

“To compensate for their failures, USSS executive leadership provided Congressional oversight entities USSS employee’s personal cell phone numbers from employee personnel records. These personal records were released without the employee’s consent,” he said.

These developments will likely do little to quell the growing distrust of the DOJ among the American people, especially as AG Merrick Garland continues to attempt to justify the FBI’s siege of Mar-a-Lago.

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