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Three Teens Try to Rob Pregnant Pizza Delivery Woman, Instantly Regretted It

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Atlanta resident Dennis Madaris heard screams outside his home Wednesday evening, and rather than ignoring it, he decided to do something, to act.

Madaris grabbed his gun and headed outside, where he found three teenagers beating and attempting to rob a pregnant pizza delivery driver. Not on Madaris’ watch.

Here’s the full story.

A pregnant pizza delivery driver was making a delivery in southwest Atlanta around 9 p.m. Wednesday night. During the delivery, three people allegedly came from behind the home and began approaching her.

One of the suspects reportedly began hitting her with his gun and demanding she give him her car keys. The woman fled down the street, but the suspects caught her and continued assaulting her, according to police.

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That’s when Madaris heard the commotion and came outside with his gun to see the robbery attempt and assault in progress, and he put a stop to it.

Madaris recounted the situation to WSB-TV: “When I came around the corner here, I saw three people were beating on this lady. One of them had a gun. One of them turned around and he had a gun in his hand. I told him, ‘Drop the gun or I will drop you!’ And they threw the gun down and all three of them took off.”

The teenagers were eventually captured by police and charged with criminal attempt to commit robbery, aggravated assault, and obstruction of officers. The teenager with the gun was charged with possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a good guy with a gun stops bad guys with guns and ends up saving lives. There’s little doubt that if Madaris hadn’t intervened, these miscreants would’ve probably beaten this woman to death, making the culprits responsible for the murder of the child in the womb as well.

Thankfully, this man exercised his Second Amendment right and owned a firearm that he not only used for his own protection but for the protection of those in the community. It’s a beautiful thing to see love for one’s neighbor like this, and is an encouragement set to remind folks why we have the right to bear arms and what makes it such an essential and important right to have.

Source: TheBlaze

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