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Three Ways To Walk With Jesus During A Season Of Busy Motherhood



Christian motherhood is an incredibly blessed way of life, but it can be such a busy one! Many moms fall victim to spiritual stagnation as our busy-ness drowns out our quiet moments with the Lord. Before we know it, we find ourselves feeling distant from Him and His love, and that’s not how He designed us to live. Instead of just waiting for your busy season to be over, here are three simple ways you can continue on your walk with Jesus during this season of life and thrive with Him!

Listen to Scripture

Whether you’re knee-deep in diapers or dishes, you can still saturate your day with God’s word. If you honestly can’t find the time to read your Bible regularly, there are many free apps for your phone or computer that will allow you to listen to audio Bibles instead. This is not cheating, God’s Word is God’s Word. If you’re multitasking, listen to a chapter or two on repeat in case you missed something!

Pray While You Work

God isn’t just available to us when we have a quiet moment, He is present in all places at all times! Scripture also encourages us to pray continually or without ceasing, so even during the busiest part of your day you can just speak to God, ask Him for grace, guidance, and protection. You might have a lot on your plate, but He is never too busy for you to seek Him in prayer.

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Saturate Your Environment With Praise, Preaching, And Podcasts

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God has blessed you to live in a time and place where you have access to an immense treasure of online sermons (from your home church or not) and praise music! Many people find that music or speech in the background makes them more productive, what mom would say no to that? There are also innumerable Christian podcasts on diverse topics, you may just find a favorite and get hooked!

This season will pass, but if you seek the Lord in any way you can, He is so faithful to walk this path with you!


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Argentine Photographer Captures INCREDIBLE Image of Christ-Like Cloud



christ cloud

It cannot be denied that our world is in the midst of turmoil unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. From Birmingham to Beijing, we are seeing unprecedented poverty, crime, hate, violence, war, famine….you name it.  Combine these issues with a mainstream media who is salivating at the chance to rile us up for ratings and money, and the world becomes a downright scary place. Where do we turn when the world seems to shun us?  For some, the answers lie in the bottom of a bottle.  For others, it’s self-harm or outward violence. For many, however, their faith is their rock.  They turn to the religious world for answers to the questions that plague us today, and, often, they discover signs of encouragement. Such is the case today in Argentina. Monica Aramayo was in San Salvador de Jujuy in Argentina when she noticed the holy figure shining through the thick clouds Social media user Mariela Romano said: “The Lord will soon come for us all and we should be ready. While another said: “Thanks for the image that allows us to keep on our path and have a better hope for tomorrow.” The photo has to be seen to be believed. The pose and grand scale of the image has reminded many observers of the famous Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil. And while the cloud formation certainly isn’t going to change the minds of the unfaithful, it does provide us all with a reminder that we are loved, and we must remain harmonious with one another on this turbulent little space rock.

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Former Pope Blames ‘Swingin’ Sixties’ for Catholic Church’s Cesspool of Pedophilia

The Catholic Church is again attempting to blame their rampant pedophilia on the outside world.



Pope Benedict

The high pontiffs of the Catholic Church would make fantastic dodgeball players. Given just how well they’ve avoided taking the blame for, or properly reacting to, the disturbing prevalence of pedophilia among their ranks, there is little doubt that these purposefully-ignorant would be able to dodge just about anything. The problem is obtuse, obvious, and ostensibly disgusting.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of young children who have been sexualized by Catholic priests over the course of several decades in all corners of the globe.  The problem is not isolated at all, and the only common factor between these horrific crimes is that they occurred at the hands of the Catholic Church. If the entire world got sick from eating a certain food, we would stop eating that food.  In the case of the Catholic Church, the children of the world are being undeniably harmed by their religious leaders in habitual and systemic acts of pedophilia, yet the leaders at The Vatican continue to ignore and obfuscate the truth. Now, one former Pope is even blaming the cultural revolution of the 1960’s for the issue. Emeritus Pope Benedict has emerged from his cone of silence to offer a personal analysis of the clerical sex abuse crisis, citing the sexual revolution, a corruption of moral theology, and the formation of “homosexual cliques” in seminaries as causes of the problem. Benedict says that he felt compelled to contribute to a response to the present situation “since I myself had served in a position of responsibility as shepherd of the Church at the time of the public outbreak of the crisis,” and so penned his reflections, obtaining the present pope’s blessing to make them public. In his new, 6,000-word bombshell essay, the former pope turns his gaze toward societal forces outside the Church as well as…

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