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Tiger Woods was Asked About President Trump. His Answer is Perfect.

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A professional athlete is someone who gets paid to play a sport or game for a living. In order to make it in the world of pro-sports, a person has to eat, breathe, sleep, that particular game or sport.

This means, over time, these individuals are experts in their sport of choice. It’s their bread and butter, the one thing they know best in all the world.

Given these truths, why is it sports journalists always want to ask athletes about subjects that are clearly out of their wheelhouse? Like politics for example?

This is precisely what happened to Tiger Woods, who was asked by writers about his stance on race relations in America and how he feels about President Trump after playing 72 holes of golf.

After his final round Sunday, sweat still pouring from his forehead, Woods was asked by a sports writer: “Your relationship with Donald Trump, how would you describe that personally and professionally?”

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“I’ve known Donald for a number of years,” Woods said. “We’ve played golf together. We’ve had dinner together. And so, yeah, I’ve known him pre-presidency and obviously during his presidency,” Woods said.

The writer — reportedly from The New York Times — followed up.

“At a time, especially 2018, I think a lot of people, especially people of color, immigrants feel threatened by him, by his policies. He’s thrown himself in sports debates in terms of race with [NBA player] LeBron James, with the [national] anthem. What do you say to people who might find it interesting, I guess, that you have a friendly relationship with him?”

Woods’ answer was perfect — exactly the answer all Americans, including limousine liberals in Hollywood, should give when asked.

“Well, he’s the president of the United States and you have to respect the office. And no matter who’s in the office, you may like, dislike the personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office,” Woods said.

“Do you have anything to say more broadly about the state, I guess, the discourse of race relations?”

“No,” Woods said with a slight smile. “I just finished 72 holes and I’m really hungry.”

Woods must have an IQ that is well north of 160, because his answers here are pure genius. These writers are desperately trying to get him to take a particular stance on these issues, which, no matter which way he goes, alienates a significant portion of his fan base.

Rather than take the bait, he tactfully answers the question and moves on. Smart. Really, really smart.

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If more celebrities took this road, it would be much, much easier to appreciate their time, talent, and work.

Source: Daily Wire

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