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TikTok Influencer Coaches Illegal Immigrants How to Abuse Legal Loopholes, Invade and Steal US Citizens' Houses

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Only in Joe Biden’s America can illegal immigrants become so emboldened that they boast to millions of people online about how to steal American houses with no legal repercussions.

It might sound like an outlandish scene from a dystopian novel, but unfortunately, it could very well become a reality for innocent citizens in Democrat-run states.

Colin Rugg, an investor and co-owner of Trending Politics, shared a TikTok video on the social media platform X, in which a man described as an illegal immigrant told his followers how to abuse the law to steal houses.

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The man in the video, identified by the U.K.’s Daily Mail as Leonel Moreno, who “appears to be a Venezuelan migrant,” informed his followers of a legal loophole they can take advantage of to, essentially, get a house for free.

According to the English captions on his video, Moreno  said, “I have thought about invading a house in the United States.”

He continued, saying, “I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.”

He then explained that the law also applies to “land invasion,” and told his followers, “I think that will be my next business, invading abandoned houses.”

Should these legal loopholes be closed?

Moreover, Moreno informed his viewers that his African friends told him that “they have already taken about 7 houses,” thanks to this legal loophole.

Moreno described the law that allowed his friends to take those houses as such: “The law says that the abandoned houses … in bad condition, we can get. And repair, and live in it, and if we can sell it, [we can] even ask for credits with it. What do you say?”

As Colin Rugg said in the caption for his post, “Remarkable.”

And Moreno, unfortunately, has not necessarily misrepresented the law, at least as it applies to squatter’s rights in progressive cities like New York City.

According to American Military News, in New York City, if you have lived in a place for 30 days,  you cannot legally be evicted.

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As described in the New York City laws, not only are lockouts illegal, “no matter your immigration status,” but “You are protected against a lockout if you have lived in the same place for at least 30 days, even if you did not sign a lease.”

The Daily Mail noted that New York City has adopted a much more progressive policy regarding so-called “squatter’s rights” than most other states and cities.

Most states, in fact, have required a longer established period of residence, from two to seven years, in contrast to New York’s mere 30 days.

However, despite racking up over 5 million views, most users were not thrilled with Moreno’s advocating the abuse of the law to obtain free housing.

American Military News included some of the comments, in which one user asked, “Where’s the @FBI and @DHSgov to track down this guy and arrest him?” Another lamented, “It’s starting to feel like illegal immigrants have more rights than actual citizens.”

And it has seemed that way for quite some time now.

Progressive lawmakers seem more interested in coddling the illegal immigrants pouring over the border than protecting the law-abiding citizens who elected them in the first place.

These lax immigration laws have left our country wide open for people like Moreno to abuse the system and steal the property that Americans worked hard to earn and build.

And now, thanks to unscrupulous immigrants sharing their newfound wealth of information regarding these progressive legal loopholes online, hordes of immigrants are coming over the border armed with the knowledge of how to skirt our laws to the detriment of American citizens.

None of this has benefitted our country.

It might have benefitted Democratic lawmakers seeking to gain more votes, but in the meantime, the foundations of our country have begun to crumble under the weight of illegal immigration.

Liberal lawmakers have allowed and abetted this.

Americans have been rendered almost powerless to protect their jobs, their lives, and now, their property.

Progressive cities have failed their citizens, and now they must reap the consequences of prioritizing illegal immigrants over law-abiding Americans.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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