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Tom Arnold Implies President Trump Will Be Assassinated, Similar to JFK

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Tom Arnold can say whatever he wants because he’s a liberal. The same liberties are not extended to conservatives in 2019. But conservatives are the fascists, right? Silly, liberals.

Before President Trump’s massive Dallas rally on Thursday evening, Arnold sent a tweet telling POTUS not to get too cocky about the size of the crowd because after all, people showed up in Dallas to see JFK.

Of course, JFK was murdered in Dallas which is clearly what Arnold was inferring. If he thought he was being clever, he guessed wrong. But he wasn’t trying to be. He knew exactly what he said.


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Tom posted this tweet the next morning…

Right Wing Trump Radio tries to give me & the lefties hell this morning. Wait for the caller. We’re winning. #Redeye #KABC #ImpeachmentTaskForce


If this is what winning looks like, I’d hate to see what losing looks like.

That is not the face of someone who is winning at anything.

Divisiveness is bad, @TomArnold
Dont make me come over there and put you in a front headlock.

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Seek help Mr. Barr.

Bless your heart. You talked about assassinating our democratically elected President, then deleted the tweet. That makes you a coward. And shows how desperate you leftie nuts are.

You threatened the POTUS. And why does your nose sound so clogged? Sniff*

H/T: Twitchy

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