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'Only Tough on Twitter': Lauren Boebert Reveals Interaction with Eric Swalwell in Halls of Congress

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Sounds like there are some keyboard warriors in the halls of Congress.

Rep. Lauren Boebert revealed an insiders’ account of a meeting between two members of Congress in a Saturday Newsmax interview.

Boebert said Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell of California and Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois have refused to talk to her face to face, in spite of their history of social media criticism against her.

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Boebert said Swalwell refused to talk to her in person, after he used a Twitter post to connect her to the gunman in the July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

“Today, on the House floor, I saw Eric Smells-Not-So-Well and I wanted to have a conversation with him,” Boeberert told Newsmax’s Benny Johnson in the interview.

“I tried to get Eric’s attention. He and I were walking side by side. I kind of tapped him on his arm and said, ‘Hey Eric, I’d like to talk to you about your comments.’ He pretended I wasn’t there and beelined the other way.

“I guess you’re only tough on Twitter.”

Are these guys keyboard warriors?

Swalwell is a Democrat who made gun control a key part of his short-lived bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

Boebert described a similar cold shoulder from Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who has also mocked her on Twitter.

“When I first arrived here, Adam Kinzinger went after me on Twitter,” she said.

“And I sent him a text. I said, ‘hey, we haven’t met yet. I’m Lauren. I would love to have a conservation with you and have you get to meet the real me.’

“And he said, ‘you’re right. We shouldn’t have these Twitter fights.’

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“But guess what? We still haven’t had that conversation. And he still goes after me on Twitter. He’s a sad little man, just like Eric.”

Swalwell later responded to Boebert’s account of their interaction with a tweet.

Kinzinger hasn’t yet responded to her claims.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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