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Trans Weightlifter Smashes Women's Record, International Consortium Humbles the 'Mediocre Male' with a Big Reminder

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“Mediocre male” athletes take note: Women are beyond sick and tired of having you gentlemen infiltrate their sports just so your fragile egos can be massaged a bit.

(To be clear, the above warning is meant only for the male athletes seeking fortune and/or glory in women’s sports.)

The latest, and perhaps loudest, example of this transgender backlash came following a weightlifting competition in Canada held Aug. 10-13.

The 2023 Canadian Powerlifting Union’s Western Canadian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships took place in Brandon, Manitoba, and that is where Anne Andres — a man who claims to be a woman — broke some women’s powerlifting records.

It was as big of a sham as it sounds.

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According to OutKick’s calculations, due to the cumulative way in which weightlifting is scored in this competition, Andres lifted a whopping 1,317 pounds over three events.

The next closest competitor, second-place finisher SuJan Gil, lifted “only” 854 pounds across the same three events.

That’s a rather stark 463-pound difference — and enough of an advantage for Andres to nab a Canadian women’s national record and an unofficial women’s world record, per Fox News.

One of the fiercest responses to this travesty of a sporting event came from the International Consortium on Female Sport, an advocacy group fighting for women in sports.

“This is NOT a legitimate [Canadian] National Record,” the ICFS posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“This is a mediocre lift by a mediocre male who is being allowed to lift against women because… hair colour? ” it said.

“Shame on the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU). This is discrimination against female competitors.”

The ICFS then ended its post with a simple and resonant hashtag: “#SaveWomensSports.”

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Meanwhile, the blue-haired Andres boasted about his victory on Instagram, saying, “I got every masters record and two unofficial world masters records.”


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This isn’t Andres’ first brush with controversy.

The transgender powerlifter made waves in February when he flippantly wanted to know why women don’t excel at bench pressing. Riley Gaines, herself a victim of a man masquerading as a woman in her sport, blasted Andres.

“Anne Andres (male who identifies and competes as a woman) doesn’t understand why female powerlifters are so ‘bad’ at bench press….well idk Anne, but maybe it’s because you have 20 times more testosterone than them. Just a thought,” she said.

Whether it’s cycling, mixed martial arts or running, there appears to be no shortage of aggressively unremarkable men finding newfound glory and success in women’s sports.

It’s grotesque. It’s backward. And it appears to be reaching critical mass.

Should all men be banned from female sports?

Whether it’s various sports governing bodies changing rules and allowances to bar men from women’s competition or advocacy groups like the ICFS even existing in the first place, common sense finally (finally) appears to be punching back against far-left nonsense.

Hopefully, there will still be a woman’s record or two left for women to break by the time the dust settles.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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