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Trapped American Mother Details Disturbing Taliban Violence

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There was little doubt that the fall of the Afghani government to the Taliban was going to end in immense and troubling bloodshed, but it’s doubtful that too many Americans were prepared for this.

President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from the nation ahead of schedule has now led to utter chaos in Kabul and around Afghanistan, as the terror-prone Taliban continue to wreak havoc on the population.

Biden and the White House have suggested that Americans should be able to find safe passage out of the nation, but that seems to be somewhat of a misnomer.

Now, on American mother on the ground is describing the horror that has befallen her and those around her.

An American mom trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is worried she’ll never see her kids again and in hiding with family members and Afghan allies – unable to reach Kabul’s U.S.-held airport for a chance at an evacuation, she said Saturday.

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“I really have given up hope, given up on the hope of going to the airport,” the woman, whose identity is being withheld due to concerns for her safety, told Fox News. “It’s just not possible to make it through all those people.”

She said there are as many as 20 Taliban checkpoints between her and the airport – and she’s one of an uncertain number of American citizens trapped behind enemy lines.

And then…

She was whipped by Taliban fighters on one attempt to get through, she said. A man standing near her was shot in the head on another try, leaving his wife and baby in tears. Since then, she’s been in hiding.

“We are devastated,” she said. “We’re scared for our lives. Every moment that a car passes by, I feel like they are going to pull in and execute us. I don’t know if I’m going to see my children again.”

The American mother stated, despondently, that she would rather take her own life than be subject to whatever ill-will the Taliban has in store for her should she be captured attempting to flee, which has belied just how horrid the situation has gotten in Kabul.

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