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Travis Kelce Laughs at NFL Fans Annoyed with Taylor Swift, Says They're 'All Crazy, Every Last One of You'

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Are you at all annoyed with the NFL media’s incessant coverage of pop star Taylor Swift?

Well, if so, apparently, her boyfriend — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce — thinks you’re “crazy.”

The football star said as much during an interview that aired during the pregame coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII.

At first, the interview, conducted by CBS Sports’s Tracy Wolfson, seemed to be focused mainly on football.

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Then, Wolfson asked a question that took things in a different direction (a direction that NFL fans are getting sick and tired of).

[1:35] “That postgame celebration of the AFC Championship, the joy, the public display of affection with you and Taylor [Swift], the ‘I love you’s,’ Andy Reid pointing her out in the crowd … That was awesome. What has it been like having Taylor alongside you for this journey?” Wolfson asked.

Kelce of course showered his girlfriend with much praise and adoration, and the interview subsequently took a second to play a montage of clips of Swift attending Chiefs games.

Annoyed yet?

Are you a fan of Travis Kelce?

You have every reason to be annoyed at this point, especially if you’re an NFL fan looking to watch football rather than all this coverage of a pop star.

Of course, if you are annoyed, you’re not going to like where the CBS interview went next.

[2:22] “What do you say to those cranky NFL fans that say it’s all a conspiracy theory?” Wolfson asked.

Now, it’s bad enough to call a bunch of reasonable, die-hard NFL fans “cranky” because they like their football coverage to be just that, football coverage.

But calling them crazy? That’s on a whole ’nother level.

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“You’re all crazy, every last one of you, you’re crazy,” the NFL star answered.

Now is the “conspiracy” that Taylor Swift is being pushed by the NFL to help bolster her likely Biden endorsement a little out there?

This writer thinks so.

But you see what they did there, right?

Wolfson and Kelce essentially made it seem that all of the “cranky” NFL fans are just crazed conspiracy theorists by bringing both groups up in the same breath.

That isn’t true.

If you’re annoyed by Swift repeatedly popping up in NFL headlines and coverage, you’re not crazy or cranky.

All you are is a football fan.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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