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Trinity of Terror – Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats

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While people are galvanized at the mention of Donald Trump, one thing he accomplished was to lay bare the dangerous alliance of the mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party.  This covert relationship was always there, we all suspected it, but it took a lightning rod like Trump for them to show their true colors. These entities together no longer do they attempt to hide their contempt of conservatives.  It is open season, and they are using all of the tools at their disposal in this battle for the soul of America. 

They use their influence to shape thinking.  This is done through withholding information from the citizens, or simply proclaiming any uncomfortable information as a conspiracy theory or ‘disproved.’ Phrases like ‘proven false narrative,’ are tossed about freely.  When that doesn’t work, they simply lie, or reshape the truth to fit their narrative.  There is little effort given to presenting information in a balanced manner. 

We saw it with the claims that Russia influenced the election – all disproven, but the years’ long smear campaign that was unleashed had done its job, creating the impression in many people that it was a truth.  For four years the media claimed that Trump was using his office to generate profit, but not a bit of credible evidence to that claim has ever surfaced.  Did Big Tech label these as a proven false narrative?  No. Unlike previous President’s, it became open season on Trump’s children and wife.  

Let’s not forget Hunter Biden. How could we?  he’s the smartest guy Joe Biden knows. When it was clear that the information about his finances and the Big Guy’s links to them would hamstring the Biden campaign, Big Tech simply removed it and the mainstream media refused to cover it.  Rather than let the electorate form their own opinions, they simply made the story go away. It is a case of guilt by omission.  

The events of January 6 are regularly called an ‘insurrection’ by the media, but no one has been charged with insurrection.  There was no possible way that any actions that could have been taken that dark day would have allowed the President to remain in power.  Yet we are constantly water-boarded with an out of control protest being called something that has yet to be proven in court.  Just because they use that word, doesn’t necessarily make it so.  

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According to all three elements in this unholy alliance, the 2020 election was pristine – not a single instance of corruption.  This would be a first for Presidential elections since the election of George Washington, yet we were told that Biden’s election could not be questioned. Look at how Twitter dealt with it…anyone that posted that they had doubt of the election were labeled a ‘QAnon conspiracy supporter’ and had their accounts removed.  Five years ago, this kind of Stalinesque purge would have garnered outcries of censorship with demands for action. Instead, while tens of thousands of conservative voices were silenced, while the Democratic Party gloated. The media barely covered this mass censorship of opposing viewpoints, further establishing their culpability in this alliance.  

Remember the news media saying that Trump ordered Lafayette Park cleared for a photo op?  That was proven to be an outright lie, but who ever apologized for it, or was held responsible?  No one. In the real world, if you made a highly publicized mistake, you would lose your job.  There are no repercussions for the media running with outright lies, or for Big Tech censoring views that they don’t agree with.  When they are caught, no one loses their jobs or is publically held accountable.  At most, a tiny retraction is run, often months after they have inflicted their damage, and even then, it is buried.  

It has gone so far now that there are cries to have conservative media channels blocked from cable or satellite TV.  The reason is simple – there can only be one voice in the American electorate – that of the progressive left.  All other voices are silenced.  

Liberals like to gloss over their relationship with the media and Big Tech.  That is because it works to their advantage. If this kind of orchestrated online terror campaign was waged against them, they would be the first calling for regulations and controls.  

This trinity of terror is a direct threat to our democracy.  It makes fair elections all but impossible because only one narrow and dark perspective is offered to the American people.  There is no one held accountable for unilaterally censoring differing opinions that don’t fit the desired left-wing narrative.  

Blaine L. Pardoe, is author of Blue Dawn: The most chilling “what-if” in history…the progressive overthrow of the United States. Pardoe is an award winning New York Times bestselling author who lives in Virginia. He is the author of numerous science fiction, military history, true crime, horror, and business leadership books.


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