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Trudeau Goes Tyrannical, Considers Using 'Emergency Powers' to Stop Protests

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In Canada, a major debate has been ongoing for weeks regarding new COVID vaccine mandates and rules that could see a significant portion of the trucking industry sidelined for nearly half the year.

The rule, which would force unvaccinated truckers to quarantine for 14 days any time they cross back into Canada from the United States, has prompted major protests from truckers in Ottawa and beyond.  The demonstrations often feature semi trucks rolling into normally-congested areas and simply parking, snarling traffic and business alike.

Now, despite the burgeoning characterization of these rules as “tyrannical”, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to squash these protests wholesale by invoking his “emergency powers”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to invoke emergency powers to quell the protests by demonstrators who have paralyzed Ottawa and blocked border crossings in anger over the country’s COVID-19 restrictions, a senior government official said Monday.

The prime minister met virtually with the leaders of Canada’s provinces and planned to address the nation late in the afternoon.

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The senior government official who confirmed Trudeau’s decision said emergency powers would be invoked for all of Canada. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The move will do little to assuage Canadians who’ve grown concerned over the government’s oversized role in their personal medical decisions, and could bring Trudeau a great deal of further criticism on the subject of his alleged overreach.

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