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Trump Ad Responding to Mara-A-Lago Raid Is the Best Political Ad You've Seen in Years

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Biden and his deep state cronies may have just handed Donald Trump the presidency.

Thanks to the FBI’s Mar-A-Lago raid, Americans now have the best motivation to vote for Trump in 2024 — righteous indignation.

FBI agents raided Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday to search for any classified documents that Trump took with him after he left the White House.

Apparently, instead of just asking Trump for the documents, the Biden administration thought it best to treat the former president like a no-good criminal.

In response to the raid, conservatives, Republicans and others have voiced their outrage, and Trump didn’t let the moment go to waste.

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The former president capitalized on the raid by releasing an advertisement video on his Truth Social account a mere few hours later — and it’s good.

In fact, it’s likely the best political ad you’ve seen in years.

Titled “A Nation in Decline,” the ad shows Trump giving a speech as inspirational music plays in the background.

After running through the many incredible failures of the Biden administration, Trump offers a glimmer of hope to those watching.

Would you support Trump if he were to run in 2024?

“Soon we will have greatness again. It was hard-working patriots like you who built this country, and it is hard-working patriots like you who are going to save our country. There is no mountain we cannot climb. There is no summit we cannot reach. There is no challenge we cannot meet. There is no victory we cannot have,” Trump said in the ad.

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“We will not bend. We will not break. We will not yield ever, ever, ever. We will never give in, we will never give up and we will never ever back down.”

“As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a little chance. Because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God and God alone, and it is time to start talking about greatness for our country again.”

While the ad doesn’t officially indicate Trump is running in 2024, it hints at as much towards the end by highlighting the following quote: “… the best is yet to come.”

For a minute there, it looked like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had become a more likely candidate to win the Republican nomination in 2024.

Thanks to Biden, the winds may have just shifted back in Trump’s favor.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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