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Trump Aides Anonymously Reveal Potential Announcement Date

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Much of the nation is currently of the belief that Donald Trump’s potential announcement about a 2024 White House run is more of a “when” than “if” situation.  And rightly so; the former President has made a number of absolutely serious allusions to the idea of running again, even going so far as to suggest publicly that even an indictment by the Justice Department wouldn’t dissuade him.

While many of us assumed that Trump would wait until after the midterm elections to announce his bid, the proximity to that polling was always the big question.

Now it appears as though we’re beginning to see a serious answer to the question of the timeline.

Top aides to former President Donald Trump have discussed the third week of November as an ideal launch point for his 2024 presidential campaign if Republicans fare well in the midterm elections next week, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Two sources said Trump’s team has specifically discussed November 14 as one possible announcement date, which would come in the middle of an overseas trip to Asia that President Joe Biden has long been scheduled to make. Trump is unlikely to announce prior to that Monday, even if the GOP exceeds expectations on Election Night, to avoid overshadowing his daughter Tiffany’s November 12 wedding at Mar-a-Lago and because he does not want to share a news cycle with midterm results, sources said.

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The date was certainly still quite malleable.

These sources also cautioned that no date has been locked in and Trump could push it back if control of the Senate remains undecided after Election Day or Republicans see underwhelming gains in their House races. While discussions about where Trump should launch his next White House bid have occurred, one person familiar with the matter said his team has not yet made a decision on a venue and is still toying with an announcement close to home in Palm Beach, Florida, where he has headquartered his political operation since leaving Washington, or in a Rust Belt battleground area like Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Now the only question is whether or not the DOJ will blink before Trump does and attempt to indict him ahead of the announcement’s purported date.

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