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Trump, Amid Turmoil, Makes Bold Promise on Border Wall

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The White House today is seemingly under siege, given the mood of the mainstream media over the course of the last few days.

Even a cursory glance around the cable news cabal’s primetime lineup could have given you the impression that Trump was as good as gone last night, after a slew of filings made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday.  The filings purportedly show that then-candidate Trump instructed his former fixer and attorney Micheal Cohen to pay two women who were hoping to extort the wealthy businessman.

The left is insisting that this is a violation of campaign finance law, but no official adjudication has been made.

Still, the President remains steadfast in pushing forward with his stated agenda, including a new promise regarding his “big, beautiful wall” at the border with Mexico.

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Of course, with the incoming House of Representative leaning to the left, it could become difficult to fund the wall through traditional, governmental means, unless, by some chance, the democrats are suddenly able to understand that this is the will of the American people.

After all, it is We The People who elected a man who promised us a wall.

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