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Trump Continues to Shrink the EPA, But Not the Way You Probably Think

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Donald Trump promised to shrink the federal government once he got into office, and that’s precisely what he’s done, albeit in a rather unconventional sort of way.

Since Trump took office 18 months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency has lost nearly eight percent of its workforce. The reason for this decline? Folks are resigning because they can’t stand the president.

Childish? Yes. Should we accept it with a thumbs up? Also yes.

Hey, however this bad boy gets shrunk is fine with me.

As a candidate, Trump promised to gut the EPA, saying he would leave “tidbits,” but “take a tremendous amount out. So far, the agency’s budget has remained “stable,” according to the Post, yet employees keep leaving.

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“Several veteran EPA employees, who have worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations, said the agency’s profound policy shifts under Trump hastened their departure,” the Post wrote.

The agency has lost more than 260 scientists, 185 environmental protection specialists, and 106 engineers, according to Freedom of Information Act data obtained by the Post. Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler told the Post that “nearly half” of EPA employees are eligible to retire in the next five years, and is focusing on recruitment and quality instead of numbers.

One thing about President Trump that many might find surprising is how many of his initial campaign promises he has kept, which is far greater than any other commander-in-chief in recent memory, an accomplishment the former real estate mogul should be very proud of.

In a day and age when our government is beyond bloated, seeing the ranks of government employees shrink with a vengeance is quite satisfying. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work.

Source: Daily Wire

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