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Trump Demands RAID After Biden Classified Doc Scandal Erupts

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The images are still fresh in the minds of many Americans:  Armed FBI agents descending upon Mar-a-Lago, laying siege to the place in search of allegedly classified documents that the National Archives was unable to locate.

When it was all said and done, the Democrats and their progressive posse was shouting for Trump’s head on a pike, demanding that the Department of Justice arrest the former President and charge him with something outrageous like “espionage” or “treason”.

Of course, that hasn’t happened…and likely never will now that President Joe Biden has found himself in a similar situation.

Donald Trump has led the chorus of condemnation after it emerged that classified documents had been found in the offices of Joe Biden’s Washington DC think tank.

The ten files were found in early November, by Biden’s lawyers, and handed over. The Justice Department has now opened an investigation, which The New York Times said could lead to a special counsel being appointed – as has happened in the case of Donald Trump and the hundreds of documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago.

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It came as no surprise that Trump was fuming, however.

Trump was among the many Republicans demanding answers, and pointing out that his own home was raided by the FBI for having classified documents stored there.

‘When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the White House? These documents were definitely not declassified,’ he wrote on social media.

A chorus of conservatives soon joined in.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr, also asked when Biden’s home would be raided.

‘When will the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team storm one of Biden’s many vacation homes bought and paid for somehow by a lifetime of being a humble public servant?’ asked Trump Jr.

Ronny Jackson, the former White House doctor turned Texas congressman, said the news was ‘incredible’.

‘It’s just been discovered that Biden had HIGHLY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS that were improperly stored in one of his private offices,’ he tweeted.

‘INCREDIBLE! WHERE is the FBI? WHERE is the dramatic raid? We have two systems of justice in this country: one for them and one for us.’

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Biden has insisted that he had no idea that the documents were being stored there, and there is no indication that the National Archives was aggressively trying to locate the documents either.

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