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Trump Doctor's Daughter Attempts to Shame POTUS with Bizarre Bone Spur Story

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The so-called “resistance” to President Trump has been mutating and writhing for years in our nation, with fresh and absurd attacks being launched seemingly every few minutes.

The idea seems to be that Trump should never have been President.  The left seems incensed that he was even and option, let alone that the well-oiled political machine behind Hillary Clinton couldn’t stop him.  In fact, that seems to be where much of this Russian collusion stuff is headed anyway.  The theory is that Clinton would have won if it weren’t for Russia.

Well that simply isn’t the case with the information that we’ve been given, and the anger felt by left over this reality is likely what fomented this “resistance”.

In any case, this loose movement and anti-Trump forces have been scurrying into each and every dark crevice of the President’s life in order to vilify him.  It’s total war on the battlefields of the rhetorical.

Now, the daughter of a doctor who once attended to a then-young Donny Trump is joining forces with the left’s “resistance” with a tall tale of her own.

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The daughters of a Queens foot doctor say their late father diagnosed President Donald Trump with bone spurs to help him avoid the Vietnam War draft as a “favor” to his father Fred Trump, according to a new report Wednesday.

Dr. Larry Braunstein, a podiatrist who died in 2007, often told the story of providing Donald Trump with the diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels so he could be exempt from military service, his two daughters — Dr. Elysa Braunstein and Sharon Kessel — told the New York Times.
“It was family lore,” Elysa Braunstein told the Times, adding that the story was “something we would always discuss” among family and friends.
But does the story hold water?
The Times did not find documentation to help corroborate the family’s account, who described themselves as Democrats who dislike Trump, and Elysa Braunstein was unsure whether her father ever examined Donald Trump.
The mainstream media has already jumped all over this story, with CNN pushing the above-quoted piece to the top of viral-story tracking software.
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