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Trump drops strongest language he has used to date regarding Mueller probe

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For many, on both sides of the issue, the end of the Special Counsel’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and the Kremlin can’t come soon enough.

For the left, this would entail the President of The United States being dragged off in handcuffs, while the nation devolves into the New Civil War that the media is salivating over.  It would be anarchy, and unlike anything else in American history, but that plays all too well into the hands of those who have confused their discord with the President as a dissatisfaction with the ideals of our nation.

On the right, however, there is a feeling that the nation is ready for someone, anyone to step in and make sense of this whole thing.  Robert Mueller is running amok in the eyes of the President’s supporters, flailing wildly during this wild goose chase, throwing around pathetic, small-time charges in an effort to ensnare guppies who’ll flip on the shark.

The President himself has been unafraid of weighing in on the issue in the past, and today was no exception.  

President Donald Trump questioned the validity of the ongoing Russia investigation on Wednesday after some of the agents who began the process were fired.

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“The Rigged Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on as the ‘originators and founders’ of this scam continue to be fired and demoted for their corrupt and illegal activity,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “All credibility is gone from this terrible Hoax, and much more will be lost as it proceeds.”

Trump cited former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker, who said that the firing of agent Peter Strzok was a “step in the right direction.”

“The action was a decisive step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what has been described as Comey’s skinny inner circle,” Swecker said on Fox News on Wednesday, referring to former FBI director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Strzok.

This is certainly some of the strongest language that the President has used as of yet to describe the investigation, and it coincides with recent polling suggesting that Trump himself is far more well-liked than this witch hunt is.

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