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Trump Drops the Hammer on Joe Rogan Scandal: 'Maniacs and Lunatics'

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As the fracas surrounding Joe Rogan and his ultra-popular podcast continues to boil, one of the nation’s political heavy hitters is finally weighing in.

Rogan has been under fire for weeks now, after his long-form interview show on Spotify took up the subject of COVID-19.  The standup comedian and television personality has never been a stranger to controversial topics and guests, having delved into everything from Bigfoot and Area 51, to having conversations with the Proud Boys and Jordan Peterson.

But, for some reason, his COVID episodes have struck a nerve with a number of Spotify artists, who have since removed their music from the platform in protest.

Ol’ No. 45 is now weighing in on the matter, and giving Rogan some hearty advice in the process.

Former President Donald Trump offered some tough advice to podcaster Joe Rogan on Monday amid the campaign to cancel him: stop apologizing.

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“Joe Rogan is an interesting and popular guy, but he’s got to stop apologizing to the Fake News and Radical Left maniacs and lunatics,” the former president said in a statement. “How many ways can you say you’re sorry? Joe, just go about what you do so well and don’t let them make you look weak and frightened.

And then, sternly:

“That’s not you and it never will be!” he emphatically concluded.

Spotify has repeatedly suggested that they stand by Joe Rogan and his right to free speech, but the streaming service has also quietly begun to remove past episodes of his, beginning with those dealing in far-right subjects and controversies.

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