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Trump Has Refused to Share Putin Meeting Details with Senior Officials

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New reports out of Washington DC tonight are casting a worrisome pall upon President Trump’s relationship with Russia, amid a glut of other, unrelated turmoil.

Our nation is currently suffering from a partial government shutdown that has more than 800,000 Americans being asked to work without pay.  This hasn’t been acceptable for a great many furloughed federal workers, including a vast number of TSA agents who are simply refusing to go to work.

Beyond that, We The People have been clamoring for an end to the seemingly ridiculous investigation by Robert Mueller into the democratic conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is some sort of Russian double agent.

Today, however, a potential disturbing detail is being disseminated that makes us wonder just how wild that conspiracy theory is.

President Trump concealed details about encounters with Russian President Vladimir Putin from officials in his administration on multiple occasions, current and former U.S. officials told the The Washington Post in a report published on Saturday.

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The Post reported that there is reportedly a lack of detailed records on five of Trump’s face-to-face meetings with Putin.

On one occasion, Trump reportedly took notes on an encounter from his own interpreter and directed a linguist not to discuss the meeting with other officials in his administration.

This revelation certainly doesn’t look good for the President, who for months has been claiming that there has been “no collusion” between himself and the Russia government.

While Robert Mueller has yet to release any information that could possibly point to collusion between Team Trump and the Russian government, this latest news certainly doesn’t seem to help the President’s cause.

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