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Trump Lawyer Loses Last Minute Attempt to Protect Phone Data from J6 Probe

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With the January 6th select committee continuing to target Donald Trump’s inner circle, there are a number of auxiliary legal story lines playing out concurrently.

In one of these strands, Trump lawyer John Eastman has been fighting to protect himself from the committee’s fishing expedition; specifically as it pertains to Eastman’s private phone records.

This week, Eastman’s efforts were quashed in court.

A U.S. district judge denied former President Trump’s lawyer John Eastman’s motion to implement a temporary restraining order preventing the Department of Justice (DOJ) from accessing his phone.

In an opinion issued Friday, U.S. District Judge Robert C. Brack said that Eastman failed to show “a clear and unequivocal right to relief from an immediate, irreparable harm.”

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“Because there is no evidence that the Government has searched the phone … and because the warrant specifies that no search of the phone will occur until further order of the court, Eastman fails to show a likelihood of success,” Brack continued.

The GOP have consistently accused the committee of using their power to dig up dirt on their political opponents, likely for use in the upcoming midterm elections or even to taint the narrative surrounding 2024 as well.

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