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Trump Makes Big Announcement About Top Five ISIS Leaders Guaranteed

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It seems President Trump is on a roll today. Just hours after celebrating the release and return home of three American hostages from North Korea, the president announced via Twitter that the U.S. had captured five of radical Islamic terror group ISIS’s top leaders.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it looks like to actually get things done.

“Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!”

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According to reports, the leaders were captured thanks to a joint-sting operation conducted by American, Iraqi, and Turkish forces.

Here is yet another example of President Trump cleaning up a mess left for him by Barack Obama, which can be added to the list that already features the Iran deal, Obamacare, and the situation in North Korea.

Former President Obama didn’t take the threat ISIS posed seriously, which allowed them to grow in size and strength, wreaking havoc all over the Middle East, beheading some of our citizens, and all sorts of bad stuff.

President Trump has already done a significant amount of clean up duty, including this capture, and has proven time and again that he is up to the task of defending our nation from outside threats.

Strangely, even CNN gave Trump some credit for getting our hostages released, stating it was the highlight of his presidency. That’s not something you hear every day from the mainstream media, though we shouldn’t get used to that, as it’s almost guaranteed not to last.

Still, Trump is showcasing his leadership capabilities, and if he continues to garner results and keep campaign promises, he’s going to end up with an easy reelection in 2020.

Source: The Daily Caller

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