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Trump May Present Purple Heart Award to Dog Who Trapped Al-Baghdadi In A Corner (Details)

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President Trump has some big plans for Conan, the military dog who cornered ISIS coward Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Here’s the scoop, per New York Post:

President Trump wants to recognize the military working dog injured during the raid that killed ISIS boss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria last month, a source told The Post.

“It is the president’s desire to honor the dog. They are working out the details,” said the source, who claimed the commander-in-chief is even exploring a way to present Conan with a prohibited Purple Heart.


Trump is intrigued by the historic possibility of presenting the Belgian Malinois with the revered medal, and is known for setting precedents, like his decision to appear at the Veterans Day Parade in Manhattan Monday, or his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, said the source, who is close to the First Family.

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“Air Strike Clip

Close air aviation engages fighters who demonstrated hostile intent against U.S. forces during infiltration of the assault force.”


“…at the compound, fighters from two locations in the vicinity of the compound began firing on U.S. aircraft participating in the assault.”
– Gen Frank McKenzie CDR USCENTCOM


U.S. Central Command releases the following footage of the ISIS raid:

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“Compound Strike

Upon exfiltration of the target compound, U.S. forces employ precision munitions from a U.S. Remotely Piloted Aircraft to destroy the compound and its contents”



“Compound Strike 2

U.S. forces employ precision munitions to destroy the compound and its contents”

And one more:

“Burning Compound

Remotely Piloted Aircraft footage of the effects of precision munitions destroying the compound”

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