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Trump Negotiates Truce with Bush Family Over Funeral Decorum

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After the nation was thoroughly embarrassed by the behavior of those speaking publicly during John McCain’s funeral, there was some trepidation about what would occur as we celebrate the life and times of George H.W. Bush.

During the memorial service for longtime US Senator McCain, a number of speakers took the opportunity to subtly, (and not so subtly), slam President Trump – who himself had endured a few semantic scuffles with the Arizona lawman in his time.

Those who found themselves redirecting the attention from McCain’s service to their own personal political meanderings were annihilated in the press, with the decency of the American people demanding a more tactful and respectable scene.

Now, as the nation lays our 41st President to rest, President Trump and the Bush family are working together to ensure that this scene isn’t similarly sullied.

GEORGE HW’s funeral won’t feature any criticism of Donald Trump after the president “cut a deal with the Bush family” to ensure he wouldn’t be targeted.

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The US President was not invited to John McCain’s funeral earlier this year but funeral planners are seeking to avoid the similar type of anti-Trump sentiment that took place.

Trump has a fractured relationship with the Bush family after he slammed George W. Bush for both the Iraq War and 9/11 and labelled Jeb Bush “low-energy”.

But since the passing of George HW Bush, Trump has been praised for his glowing remarks about the late former president.

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