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Trump Prods Democrats to Begin a New Investigation...and They Aren't Going to Like It

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With the Mueller report drama beginning to settle a bit in Washington DC, the President is offering up some rare advice for democratic leaders.

Congress appears to still be working toward a better understanding of what exactly is contained within the 400+ pages of Robert Mueller’s magnum opus on Russian election interference, despite have opposition from the White House and republican lawmakers who believe the matter to have already been settled.  The President himself has even gone so far as to proclaim that “it’s done”, in exactly that stern and terse language.

Yet, still, the left is pushing for not only Mueller himself to testify before Congress, but a host of other involved parties as well.  The White House has been critical of these requests, and has been openly defying them as they arise.

The President is now offering a sage bit of advice to the delirious democrats, and in doing so has opened the door for the party to regain some of their lost credibility.

President Trump, in between battling subpoenas and other demands from congressional committees as they ramp up their probes into his administration, on Monday urged top-ranking Democrats to shift their focus to “Crooked Hillary” and the genesis of the “phony”Russia investigation.

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The president even suggested House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff could boost their “credibility” by doing so.

“Why are the Democrats not looking into all of the crimes committed by Crooked Hillary and the phony Russia Investigation? They would get back their credibility. Jerry Nadler, Schiff, would have a whole new future open to them. Perhaps they could even run for President!” Trump tweeted Monday morning.

Nadler and Schiff have long been at odds with the President, with the former being a thorn in the side of Trump during his days in New York City, and the latter being one of the most prominent proponents of impeachment as of late.


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