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Trump Responds After Rudy Gets Raided by Federal Agents

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This week, the world got just a glimpse into the vengeance of the Democratic Party, as for Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani saw his NYC apartment and office raided by federal goons.

The action came just days after the Biden administration swore in a new Deputy Attorney General, giving the raid all of the political subtlety of a slap in the face.  There’s no doubt that the current occupants of the West Wing have their sights set on their predecessor and his pals, despite the allegedly-impassioned pleas for “unity” and “healing”.

No. 45 was not happy with the news.

“Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot. He does these things — he just loves this country, and they raid his apartment,” Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo in an interview. “It’s, like, so unfair and such a double — it’s like a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before.”

And that’s not all…

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“I don’t know what they’re looking for, what they’re doing. They say it had to do with filings of various papers, lobbying filings,” Trump said, going on to allege — without offering evidence — illegal foreign lobbying by President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“It’s a very, very unfair situation,” Trump said. “You have to understand Rudy. Rudy loves this country so much. It is so terrible when you see things that are going on in our country, with the corruption and the problems. And then they go after Rudy Giuliani. It’s very sad, actually.”

Trump and Giuliani appeared to have had a falling out toward the end of Trump’s first term, as Rudy continued to be rebuked at every litigious turn in his work to overturn the results of the 2020 election.


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