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Trump Responds to Tucker's Question About If 'They' Will Kill Him: 'Savage Animals'

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Former President Donald Trump chose not to attend Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News.

Instead, Trump chose to join ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his show, which is currently being posted to X (the social media app formerly known as Twitter).

Carlson asked the former president many bombshell questions. This included the following: “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you?”

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“It started with protests against you — massive protests, organized protests by the left – and then it moved to impeachment, twice. And now indictment,” Carlson said.

“The next stage is violence.

“Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you, honestly.”

“They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick,” Trump said.

Do you think the left will try to assassinate Trump?

After noting that many Democrats are “great people,” the former president hinted at the danger many of the left’s bad actors pose.

“I’ve seen what they do. I’ve seen the lengths they go to,” Trump said.

Carlson posed the question again later in the interview.

“They can indict you 20 times and you’re not going to lose the Republican primary because of that,” Carlson said. “But they’re counterproductive so if you chart it out it’s an escalation.

“So what’s next?… Don’t they have to kill you now?”

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Choosing not to directly answer the question, Trump pointed to the four indictments he currently faces.

“It’s horrible when you look, and you look at what they’re doing,” Trump said.

Users on X gave a few answers of their own to Carlson’s question.

“[N]o one wants to kill him,” one user wrote.

“They will find a Lee Harvey Oswald if they have to. And if they go that route, they will say he incited the violence. That’s how bold these criminals have become,” another wrote.

Over the past several months, news about the many indictments faced by Trump has dominated the headlines.

Trump currently faces four separate indictments regarding the purported mishandling of classified documents, alleged election interference, reportedly falsifying business records and allegedly misleading banks and tax authorities, per the Associated Press.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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