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Trump Reveals His Plans for Rod Rosenstein. Here's What He Said.

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For the last few weeks, many on the right and the left have been fueling gossip that Trump is getting ready to fire Rod Rosenstein.

The rumors began after the New York Times ran a piece which accused the Deputy Attorney General of recruiting DOJ employees to wear a wire to record private exchanges with the President in the hopes of gathering evidence to declare Trump unfit to serve and invoke the 25th Amendment.

On Monday, the President told the press prior to a flight he and Rosenstein were taking together to Florida that he was looking forward to having a lengthy discussion and had no plans to fire Rosenstein.

NBC News reports:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is flying Monday with President Donald Trump on Air Force One to a police chiefs’ conference in Florida and the president said before leaving that he has no plans to fire the overseer of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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“No, I don’t,” Trump responded when asked if he planned to remove Rosenstein.

“Looking forward to being with him,” he added. “We’ll be talking on the plane. I have a good relationship other than there’s been no collusion.”

After landing in Florida, Trump described his conversation on the plane with Rosenstein as “great.”

A White House spokesman later issued a statement saying, “The President and Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, met for about 45 minutes aboard Air Force One. They discussed various topics including the International Chiefs of Police event later today, support for our great law enforcement officials, border security, how to better address violent crime in Chicago, and general DOJ business.”

This had been their first substantial conversation since the New York Times article last month, which Rosenstein had adamantly denied.

Rosenstein had previously told the White House he’d be willing to resign, but previous plans for he and POTUS to meet had been delayed due to the administration’s decision to focus instead on the explosive Kavanaugh hearings.

There’s no doubt the Democrats would have loved to see Trump fire Rosenstein just to have something more to criticize him for but unfortunately, they won’t be getting what they want, and Trump, as usual, is clearly far more competent and fit for office than they’d like us to believe.

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