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Trump Rolled Through a Poor Atlanta Neighborhood on Way to Fulton County Jail - There's a Reason Mainstream Media Won't Play the Video

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Former President Donald Trump’s motorcade passed through a predominantly black neighborhood in Atlanta on Thursday evening.

If you still pay attention to the establishment media — and there might be no help for you if you do — you would guess that onlookers turned out to jeer the former president on his way to the Fulton County jail.

You would be guessing wrong, as that did not happen.

Friday on X, formerly Twitter, one conservative commentator posted a 45-second Tik Tok video that showed bystanders reacting with enthusiasm to the 45th president’s appearance in their neighborhood.

“What the media doesn’t want you to see. The people love Trump,” an accompanying tweet read.

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There is no doubt that establishment-media hacks will attempt to spin this scene as nothing more than people recognizing a celebrity.

Indeed, at first glance it might appear that way. After all, the video showed no visible Trump signs and no one wearing those trademark red MAGA hats.

Are the charges against Trump legitimate?

Viewers who listen closely, however, will hear at least eight different instances of what sounds like the same audible expression:

“Free Trump!”

Free Trump. The man on his way to jail does not belong there, or so the people say.

The short video showed a few dozen onlookers on both sides of the street. Most were yelling and recording the motorcade on their phones. All were young black men and women.

A historian cannot watch this scene without wondering if the onlookers’ grandparents walked those Atlanta streets with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Of course, to be completely fair, one should always hesitate to draw grand conclusions from short videos.

On the other hand, if this small sampling does reflect a larger sentiment, then something truly historic has begun.

Since 2016, Trump has commanded a significant share of working-class support. In fact, his movement has led to a party realignment along class lines.

Meanwhile, the establishment media has kept Americans divided by calling Trump and his supporters racists and white nationalists.

Recent developments, however, suggest that the fog of lies might soon evaporate. Rappers and black media personalities, for instance, have embraced Oliver Anthony’s working-class anthem, “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

In like manner, many poor black Americans might begin to view Trump as a martyr, wrongly arrested by powerful tyrants. If that happens, the former president’s enemies do not stand a chance.

Indeed, the thought of ordinary Americans uniting across phony “racial” lines must haunt the establishment.

And there’s mounting evidence that this haunting thought is rapidly on its way to being a reality.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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