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Trump Says FBI's Unhinged Raid Snatched his Last Will and Testament

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From the moment that heavily armed FBI agents descended on the Florida home of former President Donald Trump, the nation knew that we had entered a new era of American politics.

Sure, the FBI had a warrant, but the maneuver itself appeared to envelop far more than the scope of that document would have allowed for, including a number of Donald Trump’s passports that had to be returned by the FBI with a subtle public apology days later.

Now, in a strange twist to the tale, Trump is claiming that the FBI also snatched up his last will and testament.

Former president Donald Trump claimed the FBI agents who executed a court-authorised search of his Palm Beach, Florida home took his last will and testament in addition to the 100 classified documents found in his office and a nearby storage room.

“They took a lot. I think they took my will. I found out yesterday,” said the twice-impeached ex-president during an appearance on Fox News’ host Sean Hannity’s eponymous nightly programme.

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Mr Trump told Hannity his attorneys and the National Archives and Records Administration were “having very nice discussions, no problems,” when “all of a sudden we got hit very hard by the FBI” on 8 August.

Hannity attempted to imbue some levity to the conversation by asking whether or not he was included in Trump’s will, but the former President deferred, insisting that any publication of his will would be a troublesome development…perhaps for the DOJ.

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