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Trump Security Asks Rallygoers to Stop Doing Qanon Finger Salute

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For weeks now, former President Donald Trump has been leaning hard into the Qanon community, hoping to stir his most ardent supporters ahead of the 2022 midterms and the 2024 general election to follow.

Trump has long been dropping hints to the community of tight-knit GOP supporters that he was aware of their existence and what they stood for, but it wasn’t until the 2022 midterm election cycle heated up that he began his overt offerings to the Q crowd.

But now, after a Q-themed finger salute began occurring during Trump’s latest stump speeches, it appears as though his security detail is trying to quash it.

Security personnel at Donald Trump’s rally on Friday night in Wilmington, North Carolina, attempted to get MAGA-loving supporters to lower their raised arms and single finger, which signifies their allegiance to the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon. “Confirmed with people at Trump rally who held 1 finger up that they meant it as a symbol of QAnon’s ‘Where We Go One We Go All,’” PBS News correspondent Lisa Desjardins tweeted from the event. “Security staff here fanned out and told people to take down their fingers.”

Those participating in the salute were none too pleased about the decision.

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The reporter noted that she had spoken with one rally-goer who has raised a finger representing ‘WWG1WGA’ who was “furious” over being told to lower his arm. “That’s my Constitutional right!” the rally-goer told Desjardins. A Trump spokesperson didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Friday night. The rally controversy follows Trump sharing a video post on Truth Social late Thursday night “filled with references” to QAnon.

The mysterious “Q” reemerged online in recent weeks, after a months-long hiatus, ginning up suspicions about what could be next for the clandestine content creator.

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